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Sponsored by Pennwriters, Inc., October 5, 2024

Zem Zem Banquet & Conference Center
2525 West 38th Street, Erie, PA

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TinyBurst--- Why Attend the Writer's Road Trip --- 

Why Attend? You attend because you have talent. (Of course, you do!) You’ve spent your whole life working and this time is for you. You want your writing to shine. You want your characters to strike a chord in people.

Technical Support smallOrson Scott Card said, “I learned to separate the story from the writing, probably the most important thing that any storyteller has to learn—that there are a thousand right ways to tell a story and ten million wrong ones, and you’re a lot more likely to find one of the latter than the former your first time through the tale.”

A thousand right ways and ten million wrong. Revision. Separating the story, poem, or article from the writing.

This is why writers attend conferences: to seek those of like minds; to learn from one another; to find support and know we are not alone on this journey; to take that kernel of an idea and create something that can transport our readers to another place; or simply touch their hearts. It’s a gift from ourselves to our readers.

That’s why the Area 1 Pennwriters put together an enjoyable writing experience titled A Writers’ Road Trip. Our goal is to introduce you to the “Keys to Great Writing” and give you the opportunity to master the elements of composition, revision, publishing, and marketing.

When you join us on this Writers Road Trip you can: BookLove

• Explore 2 tracks/multiple workshops,

• Hang out and chat with other writers,

Pitch your work to an editor,

• Submit an entry for our Billboard Writing Contest,

• Peruse the authors' book table,

• Purchase a chance for one of the many gift baskets,

• Enjoy the included hot buffet lunch,

• Relax and have fun.


During our 11th annual one-day conference, we’re once again hosting a personable group of experts to help pull your writing together so it becomes that book (or article or story or poem) you envisioned when you first sat down to write. Unlike the “assembly required” furniture, these experts supply the missing instructions.

This is not a virtual event. You actually will meet with other writers to learn, share, laugh, talk writing, eat, and spend the day in beautiful, fall-colored, northwestern Pennsylvania. This interaction could lead to discovering the writing mentor you always longed to meet, having your first book published, or learning how to finally break through to the marketing success you need to see your work succeed. 

Register for A Writer’s Road Trip by clicking any of the REGISTER buttons on this site. To learn more, follow us on Facebook.

If you have a question about the Road Trip, you can also email Coordinator and Area 1 Rep, Todd Main.




Are You Tired of Going It Alone?

Are You Ready to Get the Info You Need to Succeed?


TinyBurst--- What Makes A Writer's Road Trip Unique? --- 

• We offer industry experts, published authors, and other specialists in their field.
Bookgirl sm
• Our venue is small enough to allow you one-on-one interaction with speakers and guests and time to get your writing, publishing, and marketing questions answered.

• In between attending workshops, you can spend time in our hospitality suite where you can talk with like-minded writers, chat with speakers, browse and buy books by our speakers, and enter our silent auction.

• A variety of workshops for all genres and all levels of writing skill, from beginner to published, and everything in between.

Pay a small fee at the door and pitch your work to an editor. 

• A delicious buffet lunch is always included. 


"I am so grateful for my Area 1 friends. Whenever I need a boost to keep me going, they are a meeting, email, or Facebook post away. I attended the WRT the past two years and can't say enough about how well-organized, valuable, and interesting this mini-conference is. I am going to be a published author of a novella (a Rosette) due to pitching my story to Melanie Billings, the editor at this [past] year's conference. She has helped me so much in this publishing process, which is brand new to me. I owe a lot of my courage to even put my work out there to Area 1 writers and the Fellowship of the Quill. This is the first that I'm sharing this news with anyone besides my family members and a few friends; I wanted to go through the motions before announcing it. It's a small step into the publishing world, but one I never would have tried if not for this group and Pennwriters as a whole. I have grown so much as a writer since attending my first conference in Pittsburgh in 2013. Not only am I a member of this great organization, but I am also a superfan! Go Pennwriters!" ~Donna Snyder-Lucas


"In 2012, Area 1 launched the very first one-day mini-conference, under the expert and determined guidance of Todd Main. The event is called A Writer's Road Trip, and it continues to get bigger and better heading into its fifth year. Todd and his team of volunteers hope to inspire similar events across all Pennwriters Areas, so members can get an idea, locally and at an affordable cost, of what to expect from attending the Annual 3-Day Conference. I was lucky enough to attend A Writer's Roadtrip in October of 2017, it was well worth the trip.." ~Hilary Hauck, Pennwriters President


"At the Pennwriters Road Trip one-day conference, I took Deborah Riley-Magnus workshop. She talked about joining Facebook groups and posting on them to gain followers for your book. I joined several groups and started posting regularly. The head of one of the groups contacted me to write for his web page. He was so impressed with my writing he asked me to write a piece for his book and gave me access to his social media pages to post inspirational quotes. Deborah's advice helped build my platform and promote my writing." ~ Aimee Eddy Gross